Noted 8oz Reed Diffuser

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  • 8 oz Reed Diffuser from Boston based Noted Candles

How does it work?
Noted’s diffusers are made with VOC-free carrier oil, phthalate-free, quality grade perfume, and responsibly harvested rattan reeds. Once the reeds are inserted into the bottle, the mixture is carried up the reeds, thanks to the carrier oil, and just the perfume oil is diffused into the air. Voilà!

Scent Profiles:

Cactus Flower - Desert wildflowers bloom from evergreen succulents and the breeze carries notes of fresh citrus and agave.

Cedar Vetiver - Fresh and spa-like with notes of cedar, lavender, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Fireside Embers - Smoky and spicy with deep wood undertones.

Heirloom Tomato - Walk through a summer garden with refreshing  lemongrass, tomato, and summer herbs.

Mediterranean Fig - Vibrant as the Mediterranean coastline, reminiscent of sweet fig and melon, and balanced with notes of jasmine and rosewood. 

Rose Water - Let your thoughts flow like water, and bloom like flowers with this clarifying scent. Bring the smell of roses after rain into your home to manifest calm.

Sandalwood Musk - Subtle hints of cedar, sandalwood, smoke, and cardamom. Slightly sweet and undeniably seductive. 

Sea Salt Sage - Fresh sea salt mingled with sage and bergamot. Woodsy yet clean.

Vanilla Amber - Subtle vanilla paired down with smoky undertones. No sweet-smelling vanilla here!

White Tea Lavender - Soothing lavender with hints of jasmine and white tea.