Noted 6 oz Tin Candle

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  • 6 oz Tin Candle from Boston based Noted Candles 

These little candles smell great and are responsibly made from 100% soy derived from US farms and phthalate-free, quality grade perfume oil. Sustainably harvested, US grown wooden wicks crackle softly to create a multi-sensory experience. 25 hour burn time.

Scent Profiles:

Cactus Flower - Desert wildflowers bloom from evergreen succulents and the breeze carries notes of fresh citrus and agave.

Cedar Vetiver - Fresh and spa-like with notes of cedar, lavender, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Fireside Embers - Smoky and spicy with deep wood undertones.

Lime Basil Mint - Sweet as your favorite mojito — a refreshing blend of citrus, herbs and geranium to liven up your kitchen or bedroom.

Mediterranean Fig - Vibrant as the Mediterranean coastline, reminiscent of sweet fig and melon, and balanced with notes of jasmine and rosewood.

Rose Water - Let your thoughts flow like water, and bloom like flowers with this clarifying scent. Bring the smell of roses after rain into your home to manifest calm.

Sandalwood Musk - Subtle hints of cedar, sandalwood, smoke, and cardamom. Slightly sweet and undeniably seductive. 

Sea Salt Sage - Fresh sea salt mingled with sage and bergamot. Woodsy yet clean.

Vanilla Amber - Subtle vanilla paired down with smoky undertones. No sweet-smelling vanilla here!

White Tea Lavender - Soothing lavender with hints of jasmine and white tea.