Mouse in Coffee Cup - Sugar Smallhouse

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Approximately 4" tall

Sugar Smallhouse Artist Statement:

Needle felting involves using barbed needles to agitate wool (I use's sheep’s wool) and manipulate it into the shape you want. When poked with needles, the wool is pushed and pulled in different directions, eventually locking into place. Essentially causing the wool to “felt.”

I start by making a wire armature skeleton to provide structure and posability. I wrap wool around the armature and begin felting. Then it’s a blend of intention and discovery. I have a plan when I begin forming a creature, but by the end I can only work to give a sense of magic and life to whoever has appeared in the wool.

These mice are inspired by my late grandmother Lois’ crocheted mice that fill our Christmas tree every year. Always posed mid-activity, her mice might be found golfing, skiing, or playing cards. I have yet to grasp the art of crocheting (let alone miniature crocheting), but I found myself attracted to the process and versatility of needle felting. Though Lois’ mice and my own are from different burrows, I think they could be friends.